York based White Rose Business Zone was founded by Judy Illing who is passionate about helping women in business to GROW, THRIVE & PROSPER. She works closely with several associates and organisations to bring you business and wellbeing coaching and resources.

As an eco-friendly business we are proud to be associated with Wikaniko making eco choices easy for all. Empowering, educating and supporting people, communities and businesses.

Business Opportunities, Support and an abundance of knowledge.

Our Mission is to help:

Help PEOPLE – by enabling and empowering them to make more informed choices about the products they buy and use on themselves, on their families, their pets and in their home.

Help PEOPLE – by enabling them to build a business from home, a flexible, ethical, successful business doing something really worthwhile and satisfying.

Help the ENVIRONMENT – by enabling people to have better access to products that are kinder to environment, contain fewer or no chemicals, better packaging, cruelty free and responsible sourcing.

Help BUSINESSES – by helping to make people aware of their products, the benefits of them, increasing their sales, helping small businesses to grow and thrive.